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Bellaa Rose Babies: Because They are Supposed to Be Loved!

          Our Story is quite simple yet profound. I am a mom of 3. I have 2 girls and a little boy. One day as my kids came home from school, everyone was singing and talking loud. We all ended up in the kitchen where I was wrapping up the last 10 minutes of the meal. My oldest daughter, 14 at the time, was talking in general  about her day. My middle child, 12, came in smiling, singing and following up behind her big sister as always. My son comes in and interrupts us all and jumps in the arms of his big sister. She grabbed him, gave him a warm embrace and picked him up all at he same time. I turned around and said, in a stern motherly voice, “Put Him down.” My daughter still gave him a big hug, a smile and gently placed him back to his feet. My son turned towards me and said with his arms folded slightly offended; “Mom, I’m supposed to be loved! ” When my son said, he is supposed to be loved, this just melted my heart. We all sighed and said;  “Yes, you are supposed to be loved and we love you, very much!” I walked to my son and picked him up, as we usually do and I gave him another big hug. He and his sisters left the kitchen skipping, talking and singing, that day.

Bellaa Rose Babies was developed to support the fundamental belief that ALL BABIES, toddlers, children, sisters and brothers are supposed to beloved! Children are a gift to the world. Each growing baby has purpose, potential, gifts and talents. We as parents should support each child at every stage of life.  I understand that ALL BABIES, just like a beautiful rose, will come to a full bloom, one day. I am committed to enjoying this journey and celebrating life to the fullest with them as well. Yes, shower them with love, time, and gifts. Take a moment, listen to their stories and watch their spirits grow and develop. Enjoy this gift called “Today” and give each child that unconditional love. Why, Because They are Supposed to be Loved!

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